It's that time again;

Do yOu KnoW WHaT happEnS tO A cRaZY man iN SoLiTuDE?

He, uh, gets crazier?

I waS goING to Say ‘DeSpERate’, BUt yourS IS suFFiCIent as WelL.


Friendly reminder that Ples is canonically far-sighted.


mjwein: After Dinner


I promised to draw more Ples and then I saw this idea of drawing more vampire!Ples so I said why not.


This is my first real attempt at using Adobe Illustrator. 

And it took wayyyyy longer than I’d care to admit.

*rubs Griff's ears* Would you like some tea?




Yeah, tea!

*enjoys the attention to his ears for a moment before continuing*

I would love a cup! Can I help make it?

Ples stopped his ear-rubbing and scritched under Griff’s chin.

I suppose. Come here.

The ticking man picked the gryphon up and carried him to the kitchen counter, so he could sniff at all the blends.

Let me know which one you want.

Griff sniffed at the various teas , it did not take long for him to decide.

"This one. I like it , it smells like apples!"   He stuck his nose into the loose tea once more to enjoy the scent before allowing his friend to take it.

Very good.

Ples pulled the container of tea away from the wall so he could make a cup. He carefully measured the loose leaf and set a kettle on to boil.

How do you take your tea, Griff?