It's that time again;


Winter Dawn At Bow Cemetery by Duncan George


"Everything has a purpose, clocks tell you the time, trains take you to places." -Hugo Cabret

It was a dark night, Blight was out for a walk with her small dog, but she took a wrong turn, and after hours of being lost, she had ended up at Tibenoch's home. Blight slowly walked up to his doorstep, Snickers in her arms. The medic gently knocked on his door a few times, swallowing nervously. "H-Hello?"




Ples flinched at the sound of the knocking, like he always did whenever someone knocked on the door. He shut his book so quickly that the pages coughed up a puff of dust. The ticking man took his time traveling down the stairs and, once he finally got to the door, he only opened it a tiny sliver; just enough for his eye to get a full view of the front porch.


Seven trilled a bit, but she also ruffled her feathers to make herself look pretty. She kept a wary eye on Snickers, however.

I always wanted a dog when I w-was a boy. N-never got one. Never got one as a-an adult, either. J-just the bird. A-anyway-

Ples stood up and dusted himself off.

That’s the house.

"Oh, dogs are wonderful, Ples- and your house is beautiful!" Blight complimented, nodding and smiling sweetly. 

Ah, th-thank you. I’m a-afraid I wasn’t e-expecting company today. It’s really i-in no state for entertaining…

Not that he was a particularly good housekeeper anyway.

((In 1 week, for the first time in the history of this blog…

the queue will run out.

And I’m going to let it.))


[ Clockwork Bird ]

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