It's that time again;
Pleeeeees? Iiiiis Pleeeees uuupseeeet?



Ples held himself a bit straighter at the compliment. He was very proud of his handiwork, and the ticking was part of that.

Thank you!

After a few minutes, the only thing that had really changed was where Avery’s head was (and that had not changed much).

…sh-should I just…keep standing here, then?

*Lightly dozing against him, but makes a confused noise* Mmmn? Sorry. Nodding off. You… you’re very comfortable.

You should lie down, Avery. Y-you…did a lot this day and night. Do you want to stay with Odette? That way, I can wait for both of you to wake up. O-or you can have a room upstairs. Or a couch. O-or the piano…

He had wanted to sit with Odette so he could be there when she woke, but it looked like Ples was going to be a ghost in the house for a bit; floating around and checking on people.

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