It's that time again;
Pleeeeees? Iiiiis Pleeeees uuupseeeet?





Ples held himself a bit straighter at the compliment. He was very proud of his handiwork, and the ticking was part of that.

Thank you!

After a few minutes, the only thing that had really changed was where Avery’s head was (and that had not changed much).

…sh-should I just…keep standing here, then?

*Lightly dozing against him, but makes a confused noise* Mmmn? Sorry. Nodding off. You… you’re very comfortable.

You should lie down, Avery. Y-you…did a lot this day and night. Do you want to stay with Odette? That way, I can wait for both of you to wake up. O-or you can have a room upstairs. Or a couch. O-or the piano…

He had wanted to sit with Odette so he could be there when she woke, but it looked like Ples was going to be a ghost in the house for a bit; floating around and checking on people.

I’m… I’m fine, really. The piano? *Chuckles sleepily* You should rest. But… if you don’t mind, I might end up in your library. The books in there… are comforting. Like you.

Ples shrugged as best he could. Odette liked to sleep on the piano, maybe other people did too.

I do not need to sleep. B-but, if you want to go upstairs, you may. D-do you need help?

He wasn’t sure why he asked if Avery needed help; he knew where the library was (though it did seem like the young man might fall over asleep at some point).

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