It's that time again;
Pleeeeees? Iiiiis Pleeeees uuupseeeet?



Ples shrugged as best he could. Odette liked to sleep on the piano, maybe other people did too.

I do not need to sleep. B-but, if you want to go upstairs, you may. D-do you need help?

He wasn’t sure why he asked if Avery needed help; he knew where the library was (though it did seem like the young man might fall over asleep at some point).

Um. Actually, I would appreciate it. M’having a little trouble staying awake… *Leans against him even as he attempts to stand up straight.*

A-ah, a-all right, let’s see here…

Avery seemed pretty determined to keep listening to Ples’ ticks, so the customary “wounded soldier” method seemed to be out of the question. With many “erm”s and the occasional “ach,” Ples made his way to the stairs, walking backwards and Avery leaning forward, keeping in constant contact with his chest. This was so ridiculous - Ples laughed a bit when they arrived at the foot of the stairs.

O-okay now, y-you’re going to have step your feet up…

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