It's that time again;




Ah. G-Good… is it morning? I can’t tell. *He rubbed at his eye and chuckled slightly, a sleepy smile crossing his face.*

Sorry for being so much trouble last night.

((I’m going to go ahead and say it’s almost night time again; Odette was eating bread at about 6:30 in the morning and I’m guessing everyone else has been sleeping/resting for most of the day))

It was morning a few hours ago…you are currently looking at four thirty-seven in the evening, 23 seconds in.

*grins* It was…silly. Do not be sorry.

((Works for me. Avery has no concept of time.))

Oh? Is it really that late? Oh dear. Y-you should have woken me. I… I shouldn’t intrude on you so much.

A-and I’m sorry. I… I tend to get rather, um, silly w-when I’m tired…

Wh-why would I wake you? I think people need to sleep and that they should do it when they are tired. That’s…how it works, correct? I am a bit out of practise with that sort of thing.

Ples didn’t think anything more of it. Avery’s behavior had been strange, certainly, but not unpleasant or harmful. And, anyway, Ples told himself that he was the instigator and had a hand in encouraging it as well, so…there was that.

Do you need anything? I still have ingredients for some soup, but aside from that, no food.

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