It's that time again;



Odette scrambled closer, the two men seemed preoccupied with eachother and not the stumbling swan maiden behind them. “Ples!! Casimiro!!” she tried to force her aching limbs to move faster but they wouldn’t and she continued to panic “Stop!! STOP!!” She was finally close and grabbed for the back of Tiben’s shirt, hoping that perhaps she could pull him away.

There was so much pain—it was almost blinding. The power of the shot knocked him off his feet and made his shoulder feel as though it were on fire, the throbbing and heat originating from underneath his skin. But no matter how bad it hurt, Casimiro didn’t have time to dig out the bullet. Odette’s voice made his head snap up, training on her. No no no no she shouldn’t be close to him. Why had she gotten up? “Odette! Get away from him!” Casimiro forced himself to his feet, teetering slightly. He held his shoulder as he shouted. “Odette!”

The other man didn’t even notice that his shirt had been gripped. He pulled away and came forward.

I only wish I had taped my hands!

Tiben pulled his fist back and threw a punch at Casimiro’s right eye.