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‘Ey Jeeves, what d’ya think a this?

Ples listened and did not wince; it was a slightly tamer version of some of the things Dok liked, but all the same elements were there.

Double bass drum. The diminished fifth (also called “the devil’s note”). Loud, bluesy vocals.

This is what a lot of kids might call “metal.”

E-erm…not really my thing. I like to think I can appreciate it, though. M-many of these sorts of musical groups have similar sonic roots to c-classical…

*He’d never heard any music he liked analyzed so carefully. Even though it wasn’t Ples’ “thing”, Worth was still rather impressed and a little flattered that the man paid so close attention*

Fair ‘nuff. So, ‘s yer turn. What else kinda tunes ya like?

Ples smiled; he liked this game!

U-um…do you know Holst? The Planets? It’s a bit long, b-but Jupiter is my favourite movement.

Your turn.

*He wrote it off at first; classical music never really held his interest. But the piece had such a powerful feel to it, almost insistent that he pay attention to it, like some grand drama was going on and this was the soundtrack to it. The seven minutes that the piece ran for passed quickly because of just that, and he wasn’t bored by it*

Mrrrnnrr… not ‘xactly m’ cup a tea but… not all bad. An’ nah, never heard a ‘em ‘fore. Okay, okay, what ‘bout this one? *he had a certain guilty pleasure for Blondie*

Ples tried his best to tick in time to the beat, but there was a fluttering synthesizer in the back of the composition that threw him slightly off. It was not a terrible song; Ples got the feeling that maybe he didn’t “get” it. Nonetheless, he smiled a bit.

*nods* Minimal ornamentation, slight call and response, distinct use of polyrhythms. You…are full of surprises, Doctor Worth. Do you tend to favour the female voice?

I am m-more attentive t-to…er… *tries to think* um, more textured songs? Layers. Bigger. Ah…

He tried to think of a good example of what he meant; something more modern, to be certain that Worth had an idea of what he meant.

Oh! Um, have you heard of Queen? This song in particular has many elements that I quite like. “Classical” tends to be my go-to genre, b-but sometimes the elements are handled well by modern practitioners.

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