It's that time again;



Ples tried his best to tick in time to the beat, but there was a fluttering synthesizer in the back of the composition that threw him slightly off. It was not a terrible song; Ples got the feeling that maybe he didn’t “get” it. Nonetheless, he smiled a bit.

*nods* Minimal ornamentation, slight call and response, distinct use of polyrhythms. You…are full of surprises, Doctor Worth. Do you tend to favour the female voice?

I am m-more attentive t-to…er… *tries to think* um, more textured songs? Layers. Bigger. Ah…

He tried to think of a good example of what he meant; something more modern, to be certain that Worth had an idea of what he meant.

Oh! Um, have you heard of Queen? This song in particular has many elements that I quite like. “Classical” tends to be my go-to genre, b-but sometimes the elements are handled well by modern practitioners.

*He shrugged and scratched the back of his head* Yeah… I guess ya could say… I kinda like chick bands sometimes?

*he sat straight up at the suggestion though, face brightening* You like fucken Queen? Well good onya, fuck!

*once he was done banging his hands and banging his head and kicking one of his legs up to pretend it was a guitar, he settled back down with a grin. When it came right down to it, he had three basic genres he liked; songs he could sing to, songs he could drive to, and songs he could fuck to. Queen usually fell into at least two of these categories. The only kind of music that didn’t exactly fit into any of them that he kind of liked was….*

Hey, wait. Ya like classical. Listen to this shit.

Mmm, some songs; they were, at heart, composers.

Ples covered his smile with his hand at Worth’s display of approval. He felt a bit silly just staring. Ples listened to the song - he recognized Astor Piazzolla’s Four Seasons of Buenos Aires, Spring. He perked up a bit at the mechanical element that had been mixed in. It was just like him (if Ples were music, he suspected)!

*blue eyes wide* I…I’ve never heard anything like this…